Podcast of the week on We Are Cult!

Old Rope is proud to report that Hefty Tomatoes, my all vinyl podcast, was selected as podcast of the week by We Are Cult.

For the uninitiated, We Are Cult is “a welcoming home for fans of all genres and media, focusing on anything distinctive, independently minded, and wayward in spirit”.

You’ll find film, TV and books all well represented – especially if it has a cult following. But the podcast of the week segment is my hands down fave, even if I do say so myself! It shines a light on an array of curious and wonderful podcasts, allowing the creators to describe what it is and why they do it.

There have been some corkers – all far more interesting than my own offering. I’ve been getting stuck into Twenty Thousand Hertz, “a podcast that tells the stories behind the world’s most recognisable & interesting sounds.” Recent episodes have taken a look at the surprisingly fascinating Apple Mac sounds (including sly references to the Beatles, in an episode called Let It Bleep); computer game noises; Nixon’s secret Watergate tapes; and the music in speech.

Good pals of Old Rope, Hark! The 87th Precinct Podcast (the only podcast dedicated to Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct novels), have also been featured on the pages of We Are Cult.

Many thanks to We Are Cult for the spotlight, we’re honoured to be in such fine company. Go and explore the site and give ’em a like on all the social media things, if that’s your bag.

An all vinyl podcast

You can read the interview with Old Rope here and don’t forget to check out the fresh Hefty Tomatoes every two weeks on Mixcloud:  www.mixcloud.com/OldRope/

You can read more about Hefty Tomatoes and see a gallery of former guests on the podcast page.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to see when a new episode is online.



  1. um… kudos but this:
    “anything distinctive, independently minded, and wayward in spirit”.

    You’ll find film, TV and books all well represented – especially if it has a cult following.

    is an oxymoron. At best that sounds like a hipster or a lumber-sexual remark. Ya know? independently but cult following minded… Whaaaat?

    i like u gobs … but i’m just sayin’

    • I’m not sure what lumber-sexual means but it sounds negative here. Presume we can agree that a TV show or film can have a cult following? Is the oxymoron that a TV show/film/book can’t be independently minded or wayward in spirit? Genuine question. 😀 Thanks for reading of course.

  2. I guess that was a negative thing to say… honestly, no offense meant. It means a “hipster” thing to say. A lumber sexual is like a guy that wears flannel, has the beard, the boots, the big truck, but doesn’t really go camping ever. It’s a fashionable-rugged look but comes with a lap-top computer and probably starbucks coffee. It’s an american term that blipped up maybe 3 years ago. I don’t know if that explains it very well. I’m not saying you are one btw.
    Cult classics tend to be a different form of mainstream ultimately and are usually not independently minded so much is all.
    But of course yes, books and film and art can be independently minded and wayward (and still effect the mainstream…) you’re right.
    Thanks for the discussion. 🙂

    • Oh ok. I see what you mean and thanks for the clarification of lumber sexual. So they dress like a lumberjack basically! But aren’t. I know what you mean! 😂🤣 I’ll try and get the word into common parlance here in Britain!

      • hmmm… um… not sure that’s the best thing to spread as popular parlance anywhere actually. 🙂
        I learned it from a hardcore “black lives matters” NYC millennial (anti-white) feminist woman…
        and yet I learned a lot from her about mainstream, cult classic… and some other perspectives that broadened my horizons… as narrow minded as she eventually (maybe inevitably) became.
        What do you think of Prince Harry and Meghan’s union? I watched their ceremony…
        It was kind of amazing.

      • You didn’t pay for it though did you? 😉 Your princes are more Game of Thrones. And fiction is where princes belong…

      • honestly, I didn’t tune into Game of Thrones at all. I had problems with the first episode… some one lent me a dvd but it got really rapey on a gratuitous level.

        so um, pay for what? Prolly not… you mean to watch?

        I’m not into monarchy stuff overall, and whatever about “princes” in the fairy tale manner…
        but truly, you live in the UK, and so what do you think of their union from your neck of the woods?
        She’s supposedly a feminist and being bi-racial, identifying as black after a history of colonialism and empire building and with Brexit whatcha THINK????
        C’mon! You can do better than shunning Harry to a fable. You are living in a land of immense history and tradition.
        So what’s the pulse?

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