In January 2010, Old Rope set off to Argentina for a South American adventure.  The plan was decidedly simple, to kick about Buenos Aires being hip and cool, then mosey around the rest of the country and see where the funk be at. Maybe ride some horses bareback across the Pampas like a Gaucho.

In true Old Rope style the plan was doomed to failure from the moment of its inception. I did stay there a year though and I did learn to ride a horse.

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A new masthead banner was created for the top of the blog for the duration of the visit. A small version of this can also be seen at the top of this page (previous Old Rope mastheads are available in this collection here).

Whilst in Argentina, two key national events took place. The Bicentenario – or 200 years since the revolution of independence – and the World Cup. The former saw a once in a lifetime party and the latter brought the country’s passionate love for football to the fore. Old Rope has written about the two. Click the links below for more on each subject.

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