Ahoy There Matey! Old ‘Old Rope’ Mastheads

Since its inaugural hurrah, its first shot across the bow, Old Rope has flaunted a number of garish mastheads.  You know, that big banner picture sat at the top of the blog.

If we have learnt nothing else from New Labour – and we haven’t – it is that image is everything, content is nothing.

Old Rope is fortunate that it lacks in neither department.  Regular readers will be all too aware of the consistently high standards maintained by the worker bees who knock this shit together for shiny pennies.

Here is an archive of some of the previous ‘mastheads’ that have graced Old Rope.  Comments and suggestions welcome…








black reflection



  1. That’s my Auntie Agnes, from my mother’s side of the family. One of Sir Paul’s special friends and my dad says she was a real “goer” although he never told me where she went.

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