Money For…

Money For Old Rope

It may not be apparent to the casual reader but Old Rope is alarmingly expensive to produce.  Every piece is dictated to a small army of orphan children who each note down an alternate word then compile the article in an elaborate cut-and-paste exercise that can last several hours.  The children have to work long through the night in many cases to ensure the finished post is ready on time as strict deadlines must be adhered to.

There is also the not inconsiderable issue of my expenses, which can run into thousands of pounds per week.  It would be detrimental to the site if I were to be seen drinking sub-standard liquors in public.  Besides, whores will have their trinkets.

This is all by way of preamble to introduce the charitable drive launched by Old Rope to recoup some of the initial losses.  Money For Old Rope is your chance to contribute, in any way you can (so long as it is financial) to the daily upkeep of the site.

Please make all cheques out to cash and forward them to the usual address.



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