Rope Rhythms

Rope RhythmsFor the technologically minded people of the future, Old Rope has started offering ‘playlists’ via the free music service Spotify

These are mixes compiled by Old Rope and are free to listen to by any one who has the free Spotify software.

These playlists will probably be posted irregularly, but are all filed under ‘Rope Rhythms‘ and ‘Playlists‘ in the blog’s Categories.  You can see the list of Categories in a box on the right of each Old Rope page.  If I can be arsed, I will knock out a few notes on the tracks in each playlist. 

To see all the Old Rope playlists that have been posted so far please click here, though I will try to maintain the list below…


 Old Rope Playlists…

:: Northern Soul Part 1 – Dance Dance Dance
:: Assorted Spins Vol.1 – Haircuts and Funky Struts
:: Assorted Spins Vol.2 – Jazz Flutes and Pop Roots



spotifySpotify: How It Works
Spotify is a free music service. You will need to sign up at to be able to listen to the Old Rope playlists.  Registration is free, there are no charges.  You download a programme that enables you to legally listen to streamed songs.  It has a reasonably large database of tracks and is 100% legal.  For those of you in the cult of Steve Jobs it may look reminiscent of itunes or similar software.  Visit for more details.



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