Shepherds Pie

There has been a lot of gossip and misinformation spread about my forthcoming shepherd-orientated sitcom, While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night.  I feel it is necessary to address some of these rumours head on. Here are a few FAQs:

Has the show been renamed? 
Firstly, the show has not been renamed Shepherds Pie.  This is merely something that has been considered by the production team  –  I have been repeatedly told that long titles ‘dont sit well with today’s audiences’.  Shepherds Pie is a catch-all name for the project.  It is also commonly referred to as the more catchy and memorable WSWTFBN.

People are saying that the production team is in fact just one person, you
There is an element of truth in this I concede, but I feel this is being propagated by people who do not have their eye on the long term goals of the project.  Honestly, I’m beginning to think some people do not want to see a mainstream hit TV comedy about shepherds…!!??!!

Is the show really about shepherds? 
Yes. I do not understand why people are hung up on this.

Have any actual tangible scripts been written? 
Look, people are getting a little picky over some of the details here. A phenomenal amount of work has been put into the show and it is being undermined at every opportunity by naysayers who are probably in the pay of ITV.  Many episodes have been drafted to some extent. Whether this is in a physical, actual, real form or just in my head is frankly by the by.

Is there any real interest in the show from production companies / TV stations etc? 
Ask yourself this, why would they not be interested in a shepherd-based hit TV sitcom?

When can we expect to see it on our screens? 
I admit I do not have much experience with the world of television, but I anticipate that the first episode of the show will be set to air as soon as two weeks.

Two weeks after principal photography, filming, post-production, editing etc has been completed? 
No, two weeks from today.  I can foresee no delays.

To keep abreast of the progress of WSWTFBN make frequent visits to Old Rope.  In the meantime, if you would like to know more about shepherds, why not consult your local library?


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