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Old Rope is so hip it’s square.  After shunning the needless tat of the modern world for long enough, a few concessions have been made to the Social Media beast.

These are not all up and running as yet – some elements are works in progress or just full on lies to make this blog look more funky and modern to the kids.

If you are reading this page, you probably jumped the gun and tried to click on an icon for one of the following things.

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This is not yet up and running and will hopefully go live in 201X(?) before it dies a death and is forgotten as an internet footnote.

This is not yet up and running and it should go live in 201X(?), with hip cool self congratulatory videos, though its content will be limited.

Keep abreast of Old Rope via zeitgeisty tweets.  These are links to new posts – not what I ate for breakfast or learnt about Carthage whilst trapped in a lift with Stephen Fry.

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This is just the logo. Old Rope seeks to satirise social trends of the day. We are all going to hell in a handcart. It is only through pointless parody that we can achieve salvation.

Old Rope is also available on the ipad in a specially configured layout (or something, it even has it’s own title-page thingy) and is now available in various formats for smartphones!

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