Hefty Tomatoes

A short sharp dose of vinyl grooviness! Hefty Tomatoes is a half-hour podcast of records and chat. Basically I play great music on vinyl and try to tell you a little about the songs. Sometimes there are guests who bring along a bag of records to share with us. You can see a rogue’s gallery of guests below. Fresh ones every second Sunday.

The story so far

I started Hefty Tomatoes as a spin off to the blog. I’d been kicking the idea around for ages. I wanted to do a podcast talking about particular songs – the original plan was more chatting about them rather than playing them. A few years later that evolved into something a little different and probably better.

Launched in 2016, for the first year there was one half-hour episode a week for 52 weeks without a break. That was hard work and a crazy commitment. In its second year, Hefty Tomatoes was every two weeks and, as a rule of thumb, the podcast alternated between guest episodes and me on my own.

Now in its third year, the podcast is longer but less frequent. The idea was to give people more of a chance to listen and me more of a chance to make it! So far ‘series three’ has focused around events (Hefty Tomatoes Live at Maguires, an Aretha Franklin tribute, a Coffee and Turntables retrospective and a Brazil special). We’ll see how things pan out.

Stream online

You can catch up on all the previous episodes here and there are examples embedded below. Here is the archive link: www.mixcloud.com/OldRope

FAQ: As royalties are paid for the music played via a special streaming licence, sadly the podcast cannot be downloaded. But is is easy to listen to on Mixcloud and they have their own app too. If you sign up you can get notifications when the next episode is online, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Be a guest

If you’d like to be a guest on Hefty Tomotoes please contact Old Rope. Cranks welcome.

Gallery of Guests

Here are pics of some of the people who’ve appeared on the podcast. Click each photo to expand and open the gallery.

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