On the Pods

Old Rope makes and participates in various podcasts. Give them a whirl and let us know what you think.

Hefty Tomatoes

This is a short sharp dose of vinyl grooviness! Hefty Tomatoes is a podcast of records and chat, now in its fourth year. I play great music on vinyl and tell you a little about the songs. Sometimes there are guests who bring along tunes to share with us and sometimes the episode is based around a special event. You can listen to them all here and the most recent episode is below.

The Sam Cooke Lectures

Come along to the Sam Cooke lectures and join Peter as he attempts to learn something he doesn’t know much about. Each episode has a guest lecturer patiently teaching him about a specialist topic. You never know, you might learn something too. These are intended as sort of beginner’s guide rather than in depth analysis and are the perfect accompaniment to the washing up or your walk to work. Artwork by Sarah Bilton.

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Anchor

The Sam Cooke Lectures on Twitter: @samcooklecture


Soul y Vida

Old Rope used to participate in the podcast to accompany Soul y Vida solidarity parties. Soul y Vida were solidarity parties with vinyl DJs, to raise money for Leeds No Borders. The podcasts were music and chat plugging the events. Check out the great Shut It Down podcasts made by Danny and Gloria from Soul y Vida, they’re on the same page.

DJ Mixes

Another slipstream of my own vanity, I have various mixes to give a taste of some tunes I spin when I DJ. I am no superstar DJ, I just play inexpensive records one after the other. There are a couple below. The On the Decks page has more info about my so called ‘DJ’ ‘work’. 😉