Old Rope makes and participates in various podcasts. Give them a whirl and let us know what you think.

Hefty Tomatoes
A short sharp dose of vinyl grooviness. Half an hour of records and chat, sometimes just Peter and sometimes with a guest. For the first year there was one episode a week for 52 weeks. That was hard work. In the second year, Hefty Tomatoes was every two weeks. Now entering its third year, I think HT will change and evolve again. You can catch up on them all here and there are examples embedded below.

Soul y Vida
Old Rope participates in the podcast to accompany Soul y Vida solidarity parties. Basically more vinyl and plugging the events in Leeds. Check out the great Shut It Down podcasts made by Danny and Gloria from Soul y Vida, they’re on the same page.

DJ mixes
As another slipstream of my own vanity, I have various mixes to give a taste of some tunes I spin when I DJ in Liverpool and Leeds. Here are a couple below.