Old Rope makes and participates in various podcasts. Give them a whirl and let us know what you think.

Hefty Tomatoes
A short sharp dose of vinyl grooviness. Half an hour of records and chat, sometimes just Peter and sometimes with a guest. For the first year there was one episode a week for 52 weeks. That was hard work. In the second year, Hefty Tomatoes is now every two weeks. You can catch up on them all here and there are examples embedded below.

Soul y Vida
Old Rope participates in the podcast to accompany Soul y Vida solidarity parties. Basically more vinyl and plugging the events in Leeds. Check out the great Shut It Down podcasts made by Danny and Gloria from Soul y Vida, they’re on the same page.

DJ mixes
As another slipstream of my own vanity, I have various mixes to give a taste of some tunes I spin when I DJ in Liverpool and Leeds. Here are a couple below.