Back Into My Life Again


Old Rope began life in 2009 as an outlet for my own vanity and self-indulgence. It racked up over 300 posts, more than 113,000 views and a princely 964 comments.

Then I stopped writing. The reasons are dull and unimportant, but I think it’s fair to say that despite the figures above, nobody really missed the blog.

Now, seven years on from its launch, I am reviving Old Rope. My vanity needs pandering to after all.

My life is even less interesting than before and so, instead of the embarrassing tales of yore, each week I’ll post something that has tickled my fancy. To kick things off, however, there will be a post a day (to populate the categories listed in the menu) starting tomorrow.

If that sounds good to you then come back bright and breezy on Monday morning. Don’t forget you can like Old Rope on Facebook and follow Old Rope on Twitter.

To celebrate this new arrangement, here is the Spencer Davies Group.


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