Full of beans means Hinds


When I was 19 I got my hands on a compilation called Girls In The Garage and I played it to death. I think it stood out because all the other garage compilations I’d heard to date were full of young men whining about girls who didn’t have the decency to see their ‘genius’.

Now it seems unnecessary to refer to gender when describing a garage band and yet, as four young women who’ve broken out of Madrid’s male dominated music scene, Hinds stand out.

Formed as a duo under the name Deers, friends Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar) and Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar) put out the catchy single Bamboo in 2013, before being forced to change their name for legal reasons (hind is a female deer, apparently). They were joined for second single, Castigadas En El Granero (Punished In The Barn), by Ade Martin on bass and Amber Grimbergen on drums and before long they were making waves internationally.

There is a vivacious freshness about them, each song brimming with hooks, stirring vocals and brash guitars that would make any 60s group proud. Their music bristles with melody and reverb-drenched riffs; their videos filled with laughter, drinking and pissing about. They manage to sound brittle and bold at the same time, as if held together by confidence alone, and it’s hard not to fall for their carefree charms.

Debut album, Leave Me Alone, is available now on Spotify and a European tour is underway. Catch them before they’re massive.

I need you to feel like a man when I give you all I am
I know you’re not hangover today
You are classifying your cassettes

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